Health Insurance

According to the legislation in force, foreign citizens and stateless persons who will be staying temporary on the territory of the Republic of Moldova are obliged to obtain medical insurance during their entire stay in Moldova. The cost of medical insurance is 150 Euro per year.


Every Israeli citizen has a right to reside in University hostel.

16 hostel buildings with rooms for 2 and 3 people make a whole students’ campus with its own infrastructure (internet, cafes, shops, bank, post office etc).

Israeli citizens live in the most comfortable building consisting of several floors. Each floor has: a kitchen with all necessary equipment, showers, and several living units consisting of 2 rooms (18m and 12 m), a small corridor and a toilet. Each room is estimated to have 2  or 3 people living in it. In case of availability of free spaces, Israeli citizens may apply to the management of Foreign Students Department with a request to allot them 2 places in the room at a corresponding cost.

Hostels are located close to academic buildings and some of the clinics of the University. Good transportation lines ensure comfortable communication between students’ campuses and various districts of the city.
The cost of one room in the hostel is 110 -140 Euro a month, including utilities and internet.

Preparatory Course

The Preparatory Department of the University has been in existence for several decades. It was created and exists to prepare foreign students for studies at various faculties of the University.
The program of Preparatory Department is planned to run for 10 months. The first four months English or Romanian language is studied using special intensive method. Very soon students master the language to the degree that allows them to feel comfortable in all spheres of life in Moldova. The level of language reached is more than enough to study chemistry, biology and physics. These subjects (with special medical bias) are studied during the following months, and at the same time students continue to perfect English or Romanian language. 
Students study in groups of not more than 10. Conductive atmosphere of classes, modern equipment, methods of intensive and interactive training, and also the fact that all the attention is given to three subjects, promotes highly effective preparation of students towards studies in the 1st year, especially where major subjects are based on chemistry and biology.
The effectiveness of training at the Preparatory Department of the University is indisputable. To date, many students from 25 countries passed through studies at the Preparatory Department. Experience shows that students who did so the study better and easier in the 1st and consecutive years at the University. 
Duration of studies at the Preparatory Department of the University is 9-10 months. Classes begin on October 1. 
Cost of training at the Preparatory Department is 2000 Euro in English or 1700 Euro in Romanian language (the final cost will be posted after the University Senate will make a decision about it in April).

Note: in case the graduate of preparatory course does not continue his studies at the University and calls for his acts of graduation, he is obliged to pay the difference between the actual cost of studies, that constitutes 3200 euro (Romanian language), and 3500 euro (English language).

In order to enroll into Preparatory Department of the University it is NOT mandatory to sit for entrance examinations. All who wish are admitted, provided they have school leave certificate, even if they did not study chemistry and biology in school. 
After successfully completing Preparatory Department, students can begin studies at the chosen faculty of the University without having to sit for entrance examinations (with the right to choose the language).
Dear applicants!
Thus the University offers you two different opportunities to prepare for studies in the 1st year:


  1. Without entrance examinations, at the Preparatory Department of the University (note that in this case you are already considered students of the University).
  2. for those desiring to start studies directly from the 1st year – to take 3-month intensive preparatory course for entrance examinations in Israel 

Make the right choice!

Faculty of Pharmacy

The School of Pharmacy at the Faculty of Health Sciences at USMF is a young, dynamic school that offers studies for a B.Pharm. degree

It is a quality, innovative program that provides students with the appropriate skills and tools for integration in the field of pharmacy in Israel.

In recent years we have witnessed developments and changes in the field of pharmacy in Israel. Substantial changes have occurred in the training of pharmacists in Israel. In addition to classic community pharmacies, the field of pharmacists' training spreads in other directions. Emphasis is placed on the clinical aspect. Moreover, a unique approach is developing related to the pharmacist's perception as part of the medical team in hospitals.

The student trained in pharmacy is competent to respond to various needs in his field of expertise, such as: issuance of prescriptions and pharmacological consultation, with emphasis on compliance and continuity in drug treatment, follow-up on adverse events, and integration in clinical research teams on use of medicines in hospitals and in the community.

Within the scope of the degree, preference is given to the field of clinical pharmacy, integrated within the framework of hospitals. Apart from clinical emphasis, the curriculum aspires to excellence and encourages the student to take part in managing regulatory projects for pharmaceutical and biotech companies and health organizations.

The School of Pharmacy places an additional emphasis on the area of botanic pharmacy, a unique aspect that develops the pharmacist’s clinical abilities as an added value in a competitive labor market.

University graduates are guaranteed high acceptance rates and integration into the Israeli labor market with an emphasis on excellence.