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37A HaHashmonaim St
Kiriyat Motzkin
Tel.: 04 8-700-363
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 Dear graduate students,

 This University proposes to Israeli citizen’s best conditions of UNDERGRADUATE EDUCATION at 3 faculties - General Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and POSTGRADUATE via Residency of the specialists-doctors and pharmacists in conformity with the requirements of the European educational area and stipulations of the process from Bologna. It means the introduction of the transferable academic grading scale; creation of conditions for mobility of students, residents, professors; equivalence of the License Diplomas etc. The most advanced forms and methods of education and assessment, inclusively the education based on modules, interactive methods, case studies, medicine based on evidence, clinic cases and home medical services, standardized patients, clinic trainings, virtual programs, TV medicine are implemented, that assure later on the CONTINUOUS EDUCATION of the specialists doctors and pharmacists over their whole activity..

The didactic process is held in Romanian, Russian, English and French languages and is developed in indispensable connection to the scientific research, rendering quality medical assistance to the population, spread of the achievements of medicine and pharmaceutics. The education is assured by a developed technical-material basis, modern clinics, advanced informational and documentation technologies, appropriate living and rest conditions for students, residents and professors.

The didactic scientific potential of the SMPhU „Nicolae Testemitanu" from the Republic of Moldova, oriented to a high professionalism, mixed with knowledge of foreign languages and informational technologies, comprises over 1000 didactic- teaching staff, inclusively 9 academicians, 5 member correspondents of the Moldova Science Academy, 140 PhDs, 536 Doctors in Medicine, who develop their activity in 79 chairs, 11 courses and 14 scientific labs.

„... To dedicate my knowledge and forces to the protection and consolidation of human health, via prevention and treatment of diseases, to work with abnegation to the service of the community and interest of the nation..." - are words from the Oath of the Doctor, pronounced annually by over 700 local graduates and from other 28 world countries, who study at the University and are obliged to respect them over the whole period of their activity.

The diploma of university education of our graduate is acknowledged at international level.

I am firmly convinced that, all those who want to become a doctor or pharmacist, jobs that require a total dedication and a supreme moral responsibility, are ready to be admitted at the SMPhU.

The success would offer you the chance to study in a famous school, acknowledged at national and international levels for its values that occurred in the field of education, training, scientific researches and spiritual culture in general. Keeping the saint traditions of our forerunners, the University is at the same time anchored in the realities of the epoch we live in, being involved in the exchange of values with other over 30 world universities.

Dear friends,

If you are optimistic, love life in all its manifestations and are not afraid of difficulties, if you love people and are not indifferent to their pains and sufferance, don't hesitate: come and study at our University.

University Professor,
Academician of the Moldova Science Academy

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