Faculty of Pharmacy

The School of Pharmacy at the Faculty of Health Sciences at USMF is a young, dynamic school that offers studies for a B.Pharm. degree

It is a quality, innovative program that provides students with the appropriate skills and tools for integration in the field of pharmacy in Israel.

In recent years we have witnessed developments and changes in the field of pharmacy in Israel. Substantial changes have occurred in the training of pharmacists in Israel. In addition to classic community pharmacies, the field of pharmacists' training spreads in other directions. Emphasis is placed on the clinical aspect. Moreover, a unique approach is developing related to the pharmacist's perception as part of the medical team in hospitals.

The student trained in pharmacy is competent to respond to various needs in his field of expertise, such as: issuance of prescriptions and pharmacological consultation, with emphasis on compliance and continuity in drug treatment, follow-up on adverse events, and integration in clinical research teams on use of medicines in hospitals and in the community.

Within the scope of the degree, preference is given to the field of clinical pharmacy, integrated within the framework of hospitals. Apart from clinical emphasis, the curriculum aspires to excellence and encourages the student to take part in managing regulatory projects for pharmaceutical and biotech companies and health organizations.

The School of Pharmacy places an additional emphasis on the area of botanic pharmacy, a unique aspect that develops the pharmacist’s clinical abilities as an added value in a competitive labor market.

University graduates are guaranteed high acceptance rates and integration into the Israeli labor market with an emphasis on excellence.