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Premed  Israel

The Pre-med course for Medical Studies on behalf of the official representation, which has been in operation since 2010, has helped to prepare dozens of students for the admission examinations into the medical school, as well as for the pre-clinical years of their studies. Over the years, the students from the preparatory program were accepted to the university with 100% success and even excelled in their studies.

The preparatory course is considered intensive and demanding.


The purpose of the preparatory course is to enable the student to be accepted and excel in his studies.


Why is it worthwhile to study at pre-med course for Medical Studies?

The course was designed with the unique suitability for the University’s requirements in order to maximize the student's potential for knowledge and provide him with a broad knowledge base in core subjects: physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy and physiology.

The unique learning method of the Pre-Med helps pass the entrance exam and of course significantly facilitates the student's pre-clinical years of study.

The language of study in the preparatory program is English, along with explanations in Hebrew, in order to strengthen the knowledge and understanding of the professional terms in the university's language of study.

Past experience shows that graduates of the pre-med course complete the pre-clinical years of their studies with greater success than students who come from other preparatory programs or without preparation at all.

Pre-med program has very high success rates, which are close to 100%.

The preparatory course is characterized by the fact that it fits exactly the needs of the university, according to the changing requirements from year to year, since it is developed from years of didactic experience and teaching.

It is recommended to listen to the opinions of pre-med program past graduates in order to be impressed by its quality.

The cost of the preparatory course is significantly lower than that of other preparatory schools in Israel, taking into consideration the economic burden facing the student and his family.

Life in Moldova

Where will I live?
University provides hostel accommodation immediately after arriving, so is not necessary to look for accommodation. There are 16 hostels with single/double/triple persons in a room accommodation. All hostels are equipped with kitchens, shower-rooms, and other facilities.
The hostels are located closely to academic buildings and some clinics. There are good transport links which assure connection between student's campus and other places in city.
The costs of accommodation range 126-140 Euros  per month depending upon the chosen accommodation.

What special Clothing do I need?
Because of the changing seasons, it is important to be prepared for changing weather. We recommend that clothing be cotton or a blend of cotton with a synthetic fiber for the warmer months, and wool or a blend of wool with a synthetic fiber for the colder months. Rain repellent outerwear, waterproof footwear, and umbrellas will help. Hats, insulated boots, and warm overcoats are essential in winter. Your national dress is always welcome and will be appreciated, at special events. For classes all students require laboratory white coats.

How much should I pay for books?
As rule, all books are provided by University free of cost. Some new additional materials are available for copying although. Also students are encouraged to bring textbooks and other didactic material from their own country.

Are there scholarships available?
Scholarships are available only for citizen original from countries which have interstate collaboration accords in the field of education with Republic of Moldova. By and large students are expected to find an appropriate source of funding in their own country.

May I have a part-time job during my studies?
According to the regulation of Republic of Moldova for all foreign citizens who come for the part-time job is forbidden. Moreover, in medicine students have a very strong program and have no time to have a job.

What’s students’ life like?
Kishenev is very attractive for young people and students. Multitude of places for youth, including, cafйs, discos and internet-cafes are at the disposal of students. Just don’t forget that students’ academic life is very intense and requires a lot of time.

Several hundreds of students from Israel study at various courses at the University, and many of them live in University hostel. The atmosphere in the hostel is friendly. On the whole, everything is conductive for successful adaptation of newly arriving Israeli citizens.

Is transportation expensive? 
Public transportation is very well developed in Kishenev and unusually cheap by Israeli standards. A passage in minibus taxi, which is the major means of transportation, in any direction and independently of length of the route, does not exceed 30 cents.

How much does the food cost?
Kishenev has a well-developed catering network. Israelis will be surprised by variety of choice. And all this is at very acceptable prices. Besides, hostel has everything necessary for cooking.
Food market has rich variety of various products at quite a low cost. On the average, a student spends 200-250 Euros per months.

May I visit Israel? 
Every student may exit Moldova in any direction during vacations (in winter – December 25 to January13 and in summer – in July and August). In special cases students may obtain permission from the Dean for foreign students for duration of not more than 1 week.